The grace and beauty of the harp will make your event a captivating experience. Guests find the warm, elegant tones of the harp to be a refreshing reprieve from their everyday routine. The sparkling, yet intimate sound supports normal levels of conversation and creates a relaxed atmosphere for networking or simply visiting. Simply Harp will perform the music that you love to hear.

A brief complimentary consultation is provided for every booking, either by telephone or in-studio. Dates & times, details about the event, and fees are discussed. Advance booking is always suggested and all guaranteed dates & times require a signed contract and deposit.

Past Events

Simply Harp Past Events coming soon.


At weddings, the harp sets a mood for romance and love. Through complimentary consultations, your music will be carefully selected to reflect the deeply personal nature of this occasion. Your wedding will be the joyous celebration that every bride (and mother) dreams of.


Corporate Events

Whether you are planning a retirement party, dinner gala or corporate retreat, Simply Harp offers appropriately uplifting music for every occasion.


Harp in Healthcare

The harp is used to relax and soothe the patient as well as the care-providers and family members. Deep, resonant harp tones create a peaceful and restful quality, greatly reducing anxiety and stress. In this atmosphere of calmness and hope, the music provides healing and comfort.


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